Andrew Trotter

Founding Director, Latevo Farmers Mutual

Andrew Trotter is the founding director of Latevo Farmers Mutual, Australia’s first agricultural income protection for dryland farmers, covering all natural perils. Andrew and his father run their 1000 hectare farm in Western Victoria and Andrew is also the chief underwriter for Latevo.  A qualified agronomist who developed the model for Latevo Farm Income Protection, driven by a desire to minimise catastrophic losses on his own farm.

Latevo began in 2014 and in that time Andrew has developed a strong background in brokering international trade deals, with significant experience in the advisory and agricultural sectors.  Andrew has a comprehensive understanding of the Multi Peril Crop insurance market and also developed close relationships with numerous Growers Cooperatives around Australia.  Andrew is in a unique position to understand the market from both an underwriter’s perspective, as well as from the farmers’ perspective.

Andrew successfully migrated the Latevo concept from being a Multi Peril Crop Insurance product to a Farm Income Protection product, now in a grower-owned mutual.

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