Self-Sustaining Income Protection

At Latevo we’ve been working with growers to for six years and in 2019 we migrated the model to a Farmers Mutual.  Our goal is to build a self-sustaining model of Farm Income Protection owned by farmers and introduce low-rate cost working capital loans for broadacre farmers.

We have recently presented a proposal to the Federal Government to provide short-term support that will enable us to build a self-sustaining not for profit that supports Australian broadacre growers in good times and bad.

We have requested a Limited Liability Fund be created to support the mutual through our set up phase and a rebate scheme similar to that of the private health insurance rebate.

Please see full details of the proposal below:

Latevo Farmers Mutual Drought Solution Package & Working Capital Solution

Executive Proposal

Read our proposal submitted recently to the Federal Government: Latevo Farmers Mutual Drought Solution Package & Working Capital Solution. Our proposal that would provide surety, long-term growth and sustainability for Australian Farm Businesses.

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Presentation to the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources

On Thursday, 5 March 2020, Latevo Farmers Mutual made a presentation to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources.

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Drought Solution Proposal

We offer Farm Income Protection that is funded by our members and provides surety from season to season. Latevo Farmers Mutual have asked the government to provide support to the mutual in the shorter term too ensure that claims can always be paid in full while we build together a self-sustaining mutual that ensures Farm Income Protection for our members.

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Working Capital Proposal

There is a working capital crisis in Australian broadacre farming. There are a number of farmers out there that have outstanding bills from last year. There are other farmers that cannot access money to fund their leased farming. Latevo Farmers Mutual is working with the finance industry to provide the necessary security so that you can borrow against a future crop at rates between 5% and 8%.

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Grower Letters of Support

Our members are behind our proposal to government. They know what this means for the future of their farm business, their neighbours and Australian agriculture. "LFM's proposal is absolutely essential to provide surety and build long ter growth, sustainability and self-reliance in thhe Agricultural Industry in Australia." Debbie Campbell, "Lalaguli", South Talwood QLD

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Our proposal to government is based on research and reports from a wide sector of the community including agronomists, economists, financial advisors, grain marketers, government and, of course, farmers.

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