Payment Options

Latevo Farmers Mutual Farm Income Protection has four payment options that allow payment of your protection schedule to be flexible and have a minimal impact on your farm cashflow. Our four payment options include up front payment, premium funding, or a one third payment and the balance to be paid as a grain contract at harvest time. Click here to use our indicative payment calculator.

Which payment option works for you?


Payment Method


Pay Now – pay your full protection fee immediately and receive a 7.5% discount.


Monthly Instalments – pay your protection fee by equal monthly instalments between now and 30 January 2021 and receive a 2.5% discount. Payment must be made by direct debit.


Harvest Payment Terms – pay a 10% deposit now and the balance of your protection fee after harvest. Payment must be received by 30 January 2021.

Use the Latevo Payment Terms Calculator to calculate your indicative payment options.

All pricing is indicative only and does not constitute an offer of protection.

The calculator will provide an indicative price based on the information you have entered. Using the calculator does not constitue an offer of protection from Latevo Farmers Mutual. The indicative pricing in the calculator may not reflect any offer of Latevo Farmers Mutual Farm Income Protection that you may receive after completing the application process.

What is my estimated price per hectare?

Use the state based table to calculate your estimated price per hectare for coverage. Prices shown are from lowest to highest for each category of protection offered by Latevo Farmers Mutual Farm Income Protection.

Please note that all price per hectare ranges include a 15% Latevo Farmers Mutual capitalisation rate.

Category 1Category 2Category 3
40% Cover80% Cover100% Cover