Planning for the Worst

The big issues facing many on the land at the moment are the growing chance of drought and, in the opinion of an increasing number of farmers, the inevitability of climate change. North American and European farmers enjoy a type of safety net for these uncertain times – a generous government-subsidised crop insurance program. No such government-supported scheme exists in Australia. But in the past two years, two unsubsidised, multi-peril insurance policies have come on to the market. Today, we examine whether this type of insurance has a future in Australia and whether it could reduce reliance on government drought assistance. Autumn is sowing time in Australia’s grain-growing regions. It’s expensive and nerve-wracking, as the cost of fertiliser, seed and diesel can run to hundreds of thousands of dollars. And once the crops are in, growers spend months waiting for rain to bring their crops home.
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Publication: Landline – ABC TV
Date: 16 August 2015

By Pip Courtney