Are there payment plans available?

Latevo Farmers Mutual Farm Income Protection three payment options available including a periodic payment plan and harvest terms.  Learn more on our Payment Options page. Option 1: Pay Now – […]

What is the EVI Value?

The EVI or Enhanced Vegetation Index is the the index that measures the vegetative growth in a paddock. The value is measured every day and is recorded in Latevo Crop […]

What is Latevo Crop Monitor?

Latevo Crop Monitor is the online platform that will display your Adjusted Growing Season Rainfall, which will be used in the underwriting process to help determine the category of cover […]

Which perils are protected against?

Drought Water Stress Flood Hailstones Wind Frost Lightning Excessive Rain Heat Stress Snow Hurricane Cyclone Tornado Wildlife Wandering Livestock Residual Herbicides Grain Hedging Losses Accidental Fire Bushfire Chemical Overspray Accidental […]