Dry Planting Conditions

Advisor approved Establishment Sub Limit:  If Category 1 is greater than $180/ha protection will be limited to $180 Ha if successful Germination and Establishment is not deemed to have occurred. This is defined by an EVI limit of 0.14 by July 25th, otherwise Category 1 applies.

Non Advisor approved Establishment Sub Limit: If a grower elects to dry plant a paddock without sign off from their agronomist or advisor the whole dry planted area must reach an EVI of 0.14 by August 10th to qualify for the Advisor approved Establishment Sub limit of $180/ha. If the EVI 0.14 limit is not reached by the August 10th your protection fee will be refunded.

 In cases where Category 1 is higher than $180 a further EVI limit of 0.27 must be reached by August 30th to qualify for your Category 1 coverage.  

Peer Review: In addition to the conditions above the grower advisory panel (sub-committee) will be reviewing all dry planting decisions as part of the LFM model program.