Changing the face of agricultural protection

Security for the future

The emergence of a self-funded proportional income protection product built by Australian farmers for Australian farmers.

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Enhancements for 2019

Latevo Farm Income Protection has continued to evolve and adapt to the needs of our clients.

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Latevo Farm Income Protection

Latevo Farm Income Protection offers a multi-level protection, which adjusts to seasonal conditions.

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How to apply

Your Latevo Farmers Mutual Referral Agent can help you navigate through the easy online process.

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Latevo Farmers Mutual

Latevo Farmers Mutual is the evolution of Latevo Pty Ltd, Australia’s first MPCI provider, to a self-funded proportional discretionary mutual that offers crop income protection to our Members.

Latevo Farmers Mutual is owned by its Members.  Our Members are entitled to access the benefits of Latevo Farm Income Protection, a multi-level risk protection for Australian broadacre farmers, which adjusts to seasonal conditions.

Latevo Farm Income Protection protects our Members against a wide range of perils, including Drought, Flood and Frost.  We offer flexible payment options, including harvest payment terms, and multi-year protection.

Our Members use their combined resources to fund Latevo Farm Income Protection and its running costs. The protection fees collected by the Latevo Farmers Mutual effectively fund the payment of Member claims. Each participating member is covered by their individually tailored level of income protection.

We are a 100% not for profit company that was formed to operate as a self-funded proportional discretionary mutual fund to provide financial protection for the benefit of Australian farmers.

Latevo Farmers Mutual is by the farmer, for the farmer.

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